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I’ve been in love with the Alfred App ever since I got it. If you aren’t familiar with the app, quickly jump over to alfredapp.com and dl it. You need the powerpack to use extensions, but it’s all worth it.

I decided to start creating some extensions, and will hopefully publish more in the near future, if time permits. This extension is pretty much self-explanatory. It collects info on a specific movie from IMDB and spits it out through a Growl. IMDB Info collected is:

IMDB rating, year of production, genres, directors and stars.


Download the extension here.

Run the extension file and install it into Alfred.

Optional: Change keyword from ‘moo’ to something clever, and make the Growl unsticky if you are a quick reader. Do so by clicking ‘Advanced’ and uncheck the ‘Sticky Message’ box.


Fire up Alfred (I double-tap cmd for the curious ones), enter moo followed by the movie you want to check.

e.g. moo batman begins

And that’s it.

Sooner or later I will rewrite the script to use GNTP, so it’s possible to click the Growl and get forwarded to the IMDB url. When building the script I did a Rotten Tomatoes parse aswell, but the execution time got doubled, so I decided to trash it. A big thank you goes out to Abhinay Rathore for his IMDB scraper API.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Follow me on twitter @nielsstampe.

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