Domain Checker for Alfred

As promised, here is a new extension for Alfred.

Every now and then I like to check some domains for availability, I’m sure you do too, and every time I struggle to find a simple website that does just that. I thought Alfred and Growl would be one of the coolest ways to do this. I’ve been doing a lot of work tweaking the code back and forth, but in the end the execution time really depends on each whois server. Single domains returns a growl in about 0.6 seconds, and 4 standard domains in about 1.9 seconds, but may vary depending on the position of the moon.

I’m very satisfied with the result, and hope you will enjoy using it.


Checks whois servers for domain availability and instantly returns the result in a growl notification. You can check 4 domains all at once, or just a single domain. You can search for pretty much all extensions known to man: .com, .org, .co.uk, .de, .it, .dk, .be, .se, .br, .no etc etc.


Download the extension here.

Run the extension file and install it into Alfred.

Optional: Make the Growl sticky if you are a slow reader. Do so by clicking ‘Advanced’ and uncheck the ‘Sticky Message’ box.


Fire up Alfred, enter dom followed by the domain you want to check. Either with or without a specific domain extension.

e.g. dom nielsstampe

Excluding a domain extension returns results for .com, .net, .org and .info all in one growl - see top image


e.g. dom nielsstampe.co.uk

Including a domain extension returns the result only for that specific domain - see image below

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions, and feel free to comment here on tumblr. Follow me on twitter @nielsstampe.

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